Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still to come

I really enjoy composing these biographical sketches. I am glad I finally found the energy to embark on this journey and I hope my writing is providing insight into what it is like to be a rural Chinese woman...

I am writing about the women in my husband's family in a particular order. I started with Mama, the eldest, and I then went on to write in descending age order about my husband's sisters. Right now I am working on each of my husband's brother's wives, again in descending age order. After this, I will turn my attention to my many nieces who range in age from their late twenties to just a few months old. Again, I will write about them in descending age order.

Once this project is finished, I am planning to complete a series of short fiction stories based on China. Some I have started; others I still need to dream up! I am also starting to wonder whether I should portray each of the men in the family in the same way I am doing with the women.



  1. You need to make this into a book! I lived in China for a while and can appreciate the dynamics you are speaking of. ESPECIALLY for you being married into a chinese family. What a fascinating perspective. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Have you thought about writing short fiction stories based on China for children (6-14 year olds)? Parents living overseas who are trying to keep the Chinese culture alive are always looking for such books.

    I can't wait for you to start writing about the men in the family. I would really like to know how they feel when the women/girls in the family have to give up something (eg. schooling) just for them. What is it like to be an 'Emperor', to be so wanted?

    Do keep writing Blink Blink!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog, and am enjoying it very much.You write very well, and these backgrounds you are writing on the women in your husband's family are fascinating!

    I, too, am married to a Chinese man. Our situations are very different, though. We live in the U.S., and are both American. In laws can always be an adventure, though, can't they? Even if you do get along with them. ;-)

    Feel free to check out my blog about my family, if you like.

    Again, great blog!


  4. Thank you for this amazing gift of your talent and loving descriptions. I saw this link courtesy of MandMx and I can't help but pass it along.

  5. I particular love the story of the second jie-jie caring for her son and the efford
    that she made to support him to university. This is typical chinese family. That is why the children would likely to care for their elderly parents. I think very few westerners can comprehence.
    Your writing would help to promote understanding between chinese and westerners.
    Enjoy yr work. Thanks.

  6. Replies
    1. Updates, and the completion of more stories, are finally underway...